Last famous words from all the parents out there.

Waaaaay before having kids was even on the agenda, we would agreeingly nod to each other, while friends around us parented their kids, and telepathically agree that WE WOULD NOT DO LIKE THAT, when WE had kids. Say no. Give Sugar. Allow TV. Show photos to coworkers. Be late. Talk about poo. Stop going out.

And there we have them… the famous words of everyone before having kids.

I used to roll my eyes at “scribbly-outside-the-line-all-over-the-show” drawings that were proudly placed on desks and walls next to homemade macaroni picture frames of smiling kids. I was NEVER gonna do anything like that. 

Neither was I ever going to be like those women who overshared, and tell any of my colourful birthing stories to pregnant soon-due-first-time-women… 

Fast forward to today... 

Now look who we have become.... That “my-children-are-total-geniuses-and-I-need-to-tell-the-world-parent”... Hello there Proud Mama!!

Now we’re the ones rolling our eyes at anyone who claims to more tired than we are. Every purse, pocket and pram have baby wipes, toys and crinkled up tissues in them. We are always late. Always. Family Movie Night is a regular thing. An “outing” is meeting up at the pub in a crazy circus of climbing on furniture, french fries and spilled drinks, home again before 8. Just in time to stream one episode before tucking into bed at 9.30.

We now have walls full of colourful scribbly non-recognisable hand drawn pictures. At home. At work. In the car. They are our awards and diplomas for each step up the ladder of wisdom we have climbed. For every night we have gotten our kids to go to sleep. Several times a night. Several nights in a row. For every time we have met in the corridor passing the relay stick over. Medallions hanging around our necks like Olympic winners for that first tooth, step and word that we are so insanely proud to witness.

Mother. Father. Mother. Mother. Father. Father. 
Whatever the combo, whatever the team, however we do it, We’re freaking Rock Stars!

// Adventures of Fred & Bill

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