It is far from a secret that we at Little Genie, bounced up and down with excitement as we launched our Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Pocket Nappies into Countdown New Zealand. We are so incredibly passionate about these products and to see the response from all the clever Mamas and Papas out there that quickly found them in the Baby aisle at their local Countdown and without hesitation grabbed one and placed in their basket.

An overwhelming response

Transparency is key as parents today know and demand the best for their kids with the environment in mind. We quickly got both first-time users as well as long-time professionals using Reusable Pocket Nappies for their kids and the response was the same. We received so many amazing emails, posts and stories with clever parents sharing their experience with our Bamboo Charcoal Nappies.

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The Beauty of Mathematics

There are 365 days of the year. Sometimes 366. If you use one Compostable Nappy per day for a year that is going to cost about $320. If you instead use one Reusable Nappy per day for a year it would cost you $11. That is $309 that could be much better spent.

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