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New Packaging – Same Nappy inside

Our Compostable Little Genie Nappy Pants are now back in store in all sizes. They are designed to provide maximum protection and comfort for your little one. These soft bamboo nappy pants are free from all the nasties such as chemicals, bleach, chlorine and formaldehyde.

They now come in a box of 6 nappy bags.

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Still a few left in the old packaging Toddler

We still have a few left in our old packaging in the Toddler size.

10-15 kg
20 Nappy Pants
4 Cartons

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Delightfully delicious – Rosehip Oil Baby Wipes

Little Genie Fragranced Rosehip Wipes were created by Kiwi parents, with their babies in mind. Your baby will not only smell delightful, but feel the same thanks to hydrating Rosehip oil. These magic wipes are specially formulated with Pomegranate extract (Naturally anti-inflammatory and moisturising), Chamomile (Nature's anti-iching cream, for irritated skin), and Vitamin E to help soothe and nourish your baby's bottom. ⁣

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Babies are born good. Perfect little miniature humans whose only worry is when the milk’s coming next and who’s giving the hugs.

That’s why when two Kiwi lads became two Kiwi dads they decided to create a product range that was as good as their babies. A range that was nasty-free and that they trusted to use on their babies’ skin.

That product range was Little Genie.

At Little Genie we believe that babies don’t need nasties, in fact that they should stay as far away from those as possible. That’s why we use compostable Viscose from bamboo and naturally-derived ingredients ­– ones that are chosen specifically for their benefits to babies’ skin.

With Little Genie your baby only comes into contact with what’s good for them.

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