How to Wash your Pocket Nappies

How to

Wash your Little Genie Reusable Pocket Nappies

Just got your first reusable nappy? Great work! Like any new fabric that need to be able to capture moisture, it needs a few washes and/or soaks to reach its full soaking abilities. It can take about 8 washes for the nappy to do so. So as you get the nappies and insert boosters soak them cold for 24 hours. It is recommended when washing any new black/coloured items of clothing to not mix with whites as you will get the initial leakage of dye.

After this, have a look at:

How to wash

Pre Soak

Pre Soak your Little Genie Pocket Nappies and Insert Boosters in COLD WATER for 24 hours. This will activate the fabric making its soaking abilities tip top! Once soaked, put them in the washing machine for a normal wash. Once dry they are ready to be used.

After the initial pre soak, we do not recommend soaking the nappies any more as they will lose their waterproofing. It is also a great place for nasty germs to grow.

Dry Pail

Once used, flush solids(if any) down the toilet. Separate the Little Genie Pocket Nappy and Insert Booster(s). If no solids, place the Compostable Bio-Liner and Charcoal Baby Wipes in your home compost. They will within 1-2 months compost.

Rinse to remove number 1 and 2, then place in an airy bucket(pail). Leave to dry pail till you are ready to wash them. We advice not to leave for more than 2 days.


Put your Little Genie Pocket Nappies and Insert Boosters on a quick Pre Wash Programme. After this, bulk up the washing machine with other baby clothes and run a normal programme with a small amount of detergent at 40-60 degrees.

If you only have a few that need to be washed, you can skip to Dry Pail and Pre Wash. Just rinse off by hand and then run through a Normal wash programme.


The sun works wonders for bacteria and drying the Pocket Nappies and Insert Boosters naturally. The sunlight is great for stains and the UV radiation will help remove the bacteria. The Pocket Nappies will dry slightly faster than the Insert Boosters. So once the Pocket Nappy is dry you can place a one of the extra ones in to be used.

You can tumble dry the Pocket Nappies and Insert Boosters on low.

If you know how to use your washing machine, you can be a reusable nappy legend!