What goes in will come out…but where is the question...

I have never been a person that have been especially fond of reading up on topics or researching very carefully before a purchase, a trip or anything really. I have absolutely zero patience when it comes to it. None. I might quickly do one search and go for the one that stands out the most. Which is often the first one I laid eyes on...But not more than that… Not even when heading into giving birth to either of my kids. I was blissfully unaware and maybe that was lucky... Luckily I found a husband who loves spending hours of really digging deep into a topic and learning everything there is to learn. Me. Nah. My gut feeling, that’s my best friend. That BFF of mine is something I have let steer me in the right direction my whole life. It did lead me to spot that handsome husband of mine and go up and say Kia Ora, but that’s a different story...
It was a total fluke when our 4 month old got started on solids and went from a smooth operator to a loud bargain announcer when doing twos. It was obvious. So obvious. And when we thought he was ready for a nappy change. He wasn’t. He hadn’t even started. I phoned a friend on that one who said there was no need to potty train kids before the age of 2. Well. That certainly wasn’t true.
As the face gymnastics started I ran for gold and grabbed our pink potty with a purple hippopotamus on it I had found at the local opshop and on it he went. And out it came. SNAP. Sent that photo to my friend. And a few others... as you do with that first poo in the potty. Score!


And then, I believe, I was stuck. It became almost like an obsession to me to try and catch that punctual 11 o’clock poo. Some I missed, but most I got. Still I did no research on this. And there were actually none of my friends doing what I did, so it was kinda just me and my gut feeling. Oh they fun we had! 

When using Reusable Nappies, you at all costs try to avoid getting twos in them. Because scrubbing twos is so far, SO FAR, down the list of favourite activities to do it’s not even funny. So you look for signs in your little darling when they need to go. Now, this is not a Macgyver situation where you need a Swiss Army knife, Blue-Tac and some string..nope. Just your eyes. Observe and you shall see!     

Obviously there is the option of using a Bio Liner, but with my competitive instinct I have been set on keeping the score in my favour and getting them in the toilet from day 1. Where they actually should be. Did you know you absolutely should avoid at all costs putting twos in your rubbish. That shit (literally) goes to landfill and just sits there F O R E V E R. 

I started using reusable nappies only with our second boy, and can I just say, DO-OVER! Give me a DO-OVER any day. I so wish I had gotten onto reusables much earlier, that there had been options available in stores and just a bigger community of parents using them. I started using 1-2 per day and for each day that passed, each nappy I cleaned, each disposable nappy I saved from landfill, the better the party we had – me, my gut-feeling and I. Eventually I swapped all disposables out for reusables as it actually became easier the more we used.

Our first boy have been out of nappies since he was two, part from at night when he has the odd lazy wee. It is not much, but enough for that nappy to be all crumbled up and having no more uses left in it. So for him, the Potty Training Pants are mint. He is a big boy now, he doesn’t want to lie down on the ground like a little baby so the reusable pull-ups a perfect.

Listen to yourself and trust your instinct. Do what suits you and find answers where they are. If that is Mrs Google, your best friend, a brand, a spokesperson or your gut feeling.. Just go with it!

// Adventures of Fred & Bill's mama

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