I always knew that I wanted to wear cloth nappies with my children. Even before I was a mother, I was already clear on it. But not everything goes as expected.


Typical of motherhood, always with surprises. This is my story… When Andy was born, my sister-in-law's neighbor gave us a box of practically new cloth nappies (a very rare gift, too good to be true). She told us that it was too much work and she gave up. We were happy that we didn't have to worry about diapers anymore. But there was a trick, and after the first couple of days using the nappies I understood why my sister-in-law's neighbor abandoned the adventure.


The horrendous gift

The cloth nappies we got gifted were plastic on the outside and did not have a pocket for inserts, a cloth was folded in three and put in between the nappy and baby bum. My kid had a super giant bum, so he could not even move and on top of that every time Andy would wee or poo the cloth nappy overflowed everywhere.
Everything was dirty… the baby, the clothes, the bed, me. I got so frustrated! Imagine, first-time parents with a newborn baby, exhausted. We decided that our mental health was more important than the environment. Yes, poor thinking that arises in moments of weakness. This is how our adventure with cloth diapers lasted so little. We went back to generating kilos of garbage and spending a fortune on disposable diapers. Very sad.

Don't give up

But I had a voice inside me that told me, Juli don't give up. If other moms can, so can you. It can not be that hard. So I started my research and discovered that those diapers that I had been given were lousy and that there were better ones on the market. And I wanted the best. I wanted to make cloth nappies a lifestyle. I wanted a product that functions, that has a long life, comfortable for my baby, that is made with the best quality but above all with love.

My dream comes true

And so I got to Little Genie. I remember buying two diapers at the supermarket for the first time and the party when they worked! Little Genie Cloth Nappies are easy to use, to clean, so practical, without getting messy. I automatically got on the website and ordered 10 more. They came to me the next day!! Happiness. Confetti from the sky, LOL!

My new reality

We stopped generating garbage, we saved hundreds of dollars per month, my son has quality fabrics and not plastic in his most sensitive parts. And also, to complete my joy, Little Genie introduced me to the world of compostable wipes.


So ... mom, dad, grandparents, whoever is taking care of that unique little person, yes you can do it! Go for it. Give it a try. And if you have doubts, ask me and I will gladly answer all your questions! Hopefully everyone can wear cloth nappies. It is a one way road. As long as you use the best ones and not those of your sister-in-law's neighbor.

Julieta Olivie


I'm Julieta Olivie, a new mum from Argentina living in NZ. Inspired by the notion of leading an Eco-Friendly, Sustainable and Holistic lifestyle. I want to send a positive and real message about motherhood and womanhood. I am passionate about traveling and a moon power believer.


My overall goal is to inspire women to get out and experience motherhood with joy, feeling supported and to live as the best possible version of themself.

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