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Being a kid of the eighties I was unfortunately not brought up thinking too much about the environment. We did have a compost but I didn’t have any social gatherings with it. In fact i’m pretty sure it was only the grass clippings that ended up there. I’m horrified to think what went in our rubbish on a daily basis.

I should probably also admit, I was never the green warrior I so wish I could have been as I had moved out and started my own home. Reading ingredients rather than price tags was unfortunately not yet on the agenda.

But with childhood and self-exploring years behind me, heading in to my 30s there was a new me taking shape. A big-belly-soon-to-be-parent with the responsibilities finally getting through to me. I’m ashamed it had to take that long, but better late than never.

So I decided to change. Take responsibility. Educate myself. And take action.

High-five Go Me!

Being a self-confessed baby wipe lover I was absolutely horrified when doing some research as to what those “ingredients” actually are and what they can do to you. The baby wipes that I’m about to wipe my firstborn precious baby I worked so hard to conceive, who I carried for an eternity, that made me puke for months, gain so much weight, who I gave birth to, that changed my body forever,
that same baby i’ll feed and nurture and will hold dearly till the day I die…

That beeeeeeep ain’t coming no way near my little baby’s bum. Stay the beeeeeeep away!

You know what, they should barely be allowed to be called ingredients as that kinda gives you, well me at least, the hope that there is a delicious yummy chocolate cake coming up afterwards. No. They are chemicals. Nothing else. Sadly the list goes long of what frightening “ingredients” are being put into baby wipes and what extremely harmful things they can do to you. The one that really got to me is a chemical that is used in wiper fluid and to de-ice airplanes! How can anyone think that’s a good idea for a baby bum?

We shouldn’t have to be a lab professors in order to understand what it says on the back of a pack. We should be able to understand and pronounce every single one that is listed. But not just that. My baby, and i’m going to assume that your’s too, loves sucking and chewing on the baby wipes, providing lots of fun. And if they safely can’t, maybe that’s when we should react. And act.

Knowledge is king. Knowledge is power.

I invite you, no wait, I CHALLENGE you to look at the ingredients and see if you find listed ones that you cannot understand. What are they? What are they being used for?

//Adventures of Fred & Bill

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