Caring for your baby's future

The Little Genie Nappy Pant will compost up to 50% in a home composting environment, all depending on how many nappy pants you would use per day, and the size of your home compost.

Our nursing pads and baby wipes are fully compostable and after spending approx. one month in the compost, they have degraded. The rest that can't be composted will need to be disposed in the general rubbish.

Engineered from as many compostable and biodegradable materials as possible

We have tested our nappy pants independently by burying them in a soil environment and measuring the weight over prolonged periods of time. The results showed that approximately 50% of the nappy pant by weight degraded within 180 days, compared to other leading brands that showed no signs of degradation whatsoever.

How to dispose with care

For Number Ones

Remove elastic waistband and dispose of in general waste. Roll the rest of the nappy pant up in a ball and fasten with back tape. Place this in the general rubbish as it can't be composted. The remainder of nappy can compost up to 50% together with everything else that you compost. Although it can't be fully composted, saving 50% off the nappy pant to go to landfill, we still believe this is better than nothing.


For Number Twos

Please do not flush nappy pants or wipes down the toilet!

Remove and flush excess soiling, then fold nappy into a ball and use back tape to enclose. Dispose of used nappy pants into the general waste.

For hygiene reasons, we do not recommend disposing of the nappy in a composting environment.