Magic for babies bottoms and for the environment.


Rip off side-tabs and front velcro strips. These go in the general waste.


Place used Little Genie nappy in your compost. Number ones only! Twos aren’t hygenic.


Your nappy will start to degrade. Yay!


At 3-6 months your nappy will have biodegraded as much as possible. Put it in the general waste.

100% of Little Genie Compostable Baby Wipes, 65% of Little Genie Bio-Nappies and 50% of Bio-Nappy Pants (due to elastics) are made from compostable materials, including Viscose from bamboo. These can be broken down in your compost bin, leaving the smallest amount as possible of the Nappies and Nappy Pants to go into the general waste.