Women like Cate Graumans, are women we need to inspire us. She is that best friend of yours that tackles a challenge with an honest smile. The one that leads the way and fights on. The force that stays grounded and on track. Strong and absolutely gorgeous, spreading the word of mental health, body empowerment and that there is just no time to waste on not loving yourself. Strength and Weaknesses, we all have them. Embrace them all , speak up and be proud, you are absolutely amazing!

You are such an inspiration to us and a reminder of what goddesses us women and our bodies are. Share with us your thoughts on this: Thank you for that! I just think it's so important to live our lives to the fullest. Not spending every day wishing we were someone else. My hope is that every woman gets the chance to truly love their body, spend more time thanking your vessel for everything she carries you through. I myself constantly struggle with body image but everyday I wake up trying to remind myself that no matter how I look, it's the life I live and who I am as a person that really matters.



Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family: My name is Cate Graumans and i'm from Palmerston North! I have moved around a lot my whole life, the first time I've lived in the same house for more than a year since I was 3, was when I got pregnant with Asher. I've lived all over the North Island and while I was in, Australia I moved around NSW and QLD. Growing up I moved house and school multiple times a year. I had friends all over but could never see them because I'd always move away. My mental health has always been a struggle, but as a child I thought moving would be my escape. As an adult I realised I needed to settle in a home and focus on working on myself instead of always running away from those feelings. I met Blair in 2017 and decided to stay here for him. I haven't been back to Australia since. Now we stay in Palmy because it feels like home.

As a teenager I was diagnosed with PTSD, severe depression and anxiety. This has taken me years to come to terms with. The biggest step I have taken towards bettering myself was seeing a psychologist and being open about how my mind works. Being upfront about my triggers and how I manage them has been life changing especially in my relationship. The hardest part about mental illness sometimes, is that it can be completely invisible, you could be on the verge of a panic attack and not a single person in the room could know. Opening up to your close friends and family allows them to pick up on your signs, sometimes before you do.

If you are struggling with your mental health, I urge you to please talk to someone. (www.findahelpline.com) You are never a bother or a problem, you are loved and there is always someone to listen. Becoming a parent gave me a reason to get up everyday and to put someone else first. I am grateful for my son everyday because whether he knows it or not he saved me.



We would love to, if you want to share, your journey on when you became a parent... I became a parent at 18, pregnant when I was 17. From the second I knew I was pregnant I started researching everything from gentle parenting to Baby Led Weaning. At 10 weeks pregnant, Blair and I went halves on our first 5 cloth nappies! I was so excited when they arrived I started stuffing and unstuffing them just to practice. My pregnancy was rough, I was diagnosed with cholestasis of pregnancy halfway through but near the end I somehow got better and was able to have a natural and beautiful labour.



What is your favourite thing about being a parent? My favourite thing about being a parent is seeing Asher smile. It's so cheesy but it's the one thing that makes me happy no matter what. We all strive to keep our children healthy and happy, the smiles just give you the confirmation that you need knowing you're doing a good job.



Why is it important to you to use eco-friendly products for you and family? It's important to me to use eco-friendly products because I want Asher to have an earth to live on. I want his grandchildren to have clean air to breathe and a liveable environment. I believe that each small change we make adds up to change the world. 

Why do you choose Little Genies products? I chose Little Genie because they are affordable, good quality products. The double gussets and cute prints just caught my eye!



How many reusable nappies do you have? I have somewhere between 30-50 nappies 😅. Haven't done a count in a while but can’t help myself but buy more, especially when there's a cheeky sale haha. 

On a scale from 1-10, how satisfying do you find reusable nappies and why? I'd put reusable nappies as a 10 on this scale!! They’re satisfying for so many reasons. I love the process of hanging them all in the sun to dry and stuffing them all together. They look amazing when we put them in the drawers all lined up too. 

How much money do you think you have saved from choosing reusable nappies? We have probably saved at least $1000... Asher went through $40 worth of nappies a week when he was a newborn so I can't imagine how much we would’ve spent without reusables.



What is you #1 tip, to a new parent? My number 1 tip would be to always trust your gut. Do your research and trust that you're making the right choices for your child. If in doubt Google and ask for help but when it comes to your choices don't let other people tell you how to raise your own child. You are the perfect parent for your children, trust that.

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