Life before Little Genie Compostable Wet Wipes

I’m a wet-wipe fanatic and I could possibly start a movement...

As you are about to enter the realm of parenthood, never ever will there have been so much talk about the “before” and the “after”.


To the point where its about to chew your left ear off, it’s insanely difficult and close to impossible to tackle all the ‘O for Awesome’ advice you get. Left, right and center. High and low. From the friendly random lady at the supermarket to the sister-in-law-professional-mother-of-6. Yeah. I think you hear me now. So the “before” and “after” is something you can only really relate to and really grasp the full meaning of when you hold your Premium Platinum Membership of Parenthood Card in your hand.


Us, the ones that are “in the know”, can well agree that this is the sweet ride to go. Joining the Super Mega Sweet Awesome Teamtastic Squad of Parenthood, ohh yes. Hello honey, I’m home!


Now.... Are you ready to put your hand up for this one? Im working my sleep-deprived brain to figure out, how (HOW!?) on earth did I survive without those magical wet wipes “before” kids? Hello, right?! I kid you not, they have become the solution, close to everything in my life.


Apart from the most obvious job description they hold (need I say more?)... Little Genie biodegradable baby wipes have natural healing properties to help protect your baby's skin making them awesome for Sticky Fingers. Foodie cheeks. Gunky noses. Grubby ears. Feet. Hands. They are also hand when it comes to juice spills. Milk spills. Yogurt spills. Spills full stop. Sudden stains on a T-shirt. Stains in the car. On the mat. The floor. The walls. The whole shebang.


“Before” kids I was quite the accomplished multi-tasker but as the doors to parenthood opened up and I joined forces with Wet Wipes, we quickly became a solid team of Deluxe multi-tasking. Yes yes yes, I’m guilty, I know. I’m a wet-wipe fanatic and I could possibly start a movement. They are the problem solver in my life and I hold them dear, in every room of my heart (and house!).


And the reason I could happily become President of my own Wet Wipe Movement is because I can use them with a clear conscience. They have become like a fifth family member in our house and it’s above and beyond important they are equally looked after and taken care of as the rest of us. Since the Little Genie Baby Wipes are compostable, they have joined a second team and become best buddies with my carrots and apples and potatoes and are having a garden party which I’m not invited to. But that’s ok. They are living it up and being of good use in the compost where new life can be nurtured and flourish.

// Adventures of Fred & Bill

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  • Yes I can relate Baby wipes were my to go when 3 pairs of little hands were everywhere . Now they have all grown up I am definitely an AFTER I wouldnt go without them in the car and they are the best cleaning tools . Baby wipes rule even better when you can compost them too 😀


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